We are a boutique wedding and event planning business located in the northwestern suburbs of Sydney, NSW.


We service the Hills District, Blacktown, Hawkesbury and Penrith surrounding suburbs as our main areas of day-to-day business, but we are happy to work with couples and clients from all over Sydney!

Working with a local wedding planner means that you don't have to go all the way across town, or into the city at peak hour to meet with us. Choosing a planner who lives in the areas near you means not only supporting a local business, but less travel time and sitting in traffic for you! We also believe in supporting and recommending local businesses wherever possible.

Please see our main service areas below - this does not mean that we won't work with you if your wedding is outside of this area, or if you live outside this area. This is the area that we focus on as our main area of business.

Our main service areas are highlighted in purple above, but we service all of the Greater Sydney area (highlighted in red).

+61 492 874 290


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Servicing the Hills District, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, Penrith and surrounding suburbs of Sydney, NSW.

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