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5 tips for writing the perfect vows

Your partner is the most amazing person you've ever met - so why, when it's time to put pen to paper, have you suddenly gone blank on what to say? You're not alone - it's completely normal to struggle to find the words when the pressure is on!

Read on to find our tips on making those vows spectacular.

Tip # 1 - Decide on traditional or modern

You may need to check with your celebrant if you are able to write your own vows - if you are being married in a religious ceremony, this may or may not be possible. Religious or traditional vows may follow an existing format, so check this before putting pen to paper! If you are able to write your own vows, consider whether you want to take a traditional approach ("I, <name>, take you, <name>, to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife...") or whether you want to take a personalised approach. This could be done using some of your favourite literature or even movie quotes, personal touches by referencing memories or inside jokes, or anecdotes about your life together and personalities.

Tip # 2 - Brainstorm

Jot down lots of things you like about your partner, maybe your hopes and dreams for the future together. You can keep adding and subtracting, until you have compiled a few sentences together about what exactly you are vowing to do in this marriage.

Tip # 3 - Keep it short and sweet

Your vows are a lifelong promise to eachother - but they should still be wrapped up in about a minute or so, to keep the ceremony moving along. Your beautiful stories of times spend together are perfect to include in the speeches at the reception.

Tip # 4 - Practice, practice, practice

The ceremony may feel quite emotional on the day - but if you've practiced your speech, your voice will be steady, and you won't be anywhere near as tongue tied. Practice in front of the mirror out loud, with flash cards if you can. This will help you memorise sections of your vows, and even if you do have to have a quick check to remind you of the words, you'll be able to say your vows while looking into your partner's eyes, rather than reading off a piece of paper.

Tip # 5 - Say it from the heart

It can feel a little confronting to bare your soul, particularly in front of family and friends who don't often get to see your softer side. But your wedding vows are something you probably won't ever be able to 'do over', so now is not the time to hold back. Whilst a bit of humour in your vows can give an insight to who you are as a couple, this should ideally be balanced with showing your true feelings, to make it truly personal. Tell your partner how you really feel, and what emotions they bring out in you. And you never know, you might bring out some emotions in your guests that they didn't even know they had!

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