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Brides tell: the issues I had with my wedding vendors

When organising a wedding, you want to be sure that the vendors you pick are reliable, punctual and that you'll know that you made the right choice. A quick Google search should be enough research to choose your vendors, right? We spoke to two different brides who were married in the last 18 months, about the issues they had with their wedding day suppliers.

The venue manager from hell!

Ashley, 36, was left seething for a good part of her wedding day, when the ceremony and reception venue manager made inappropriate comments and generally just got in the way.

"The venue manager on the day was rather unprofessional in general, and he made some rather rude personal comments about my appearance," she says.

"He offered to help 'people wrangle' prior to the start of the ceremony, which ended up with him instructing my father to sit down rather than be in position at the entrance to walk me down the aisle! "

The last thing you want when preparing to walk down the aisle, is to wonder where your family are and why they aren't in the right place. Your wedding day is also the day where you should feel beautiful and special - not have your appearance criticised!

"Annoyingly, he also continuously interrupted me during our reception about things he really should have discussed with our MC," she recalls.

By using a wedding planner, you are essentially creating a buffer between you and the suppliers, so you don't have to worry about things going wrong, and don't have to deal with any drama on the day. Your wedding planner (or coordinator) is there to make sure you can feel like a queen (or king) for the day, and that you are protected from any of the dramas. This means you can be out on the dance floor with your guests, rather than spending your night answering questions from the hotel manager.

Unreliable friends!

Katherine, 36, found herself in a tricky situation the night before the wedding, and had to ring around to find a wedding car at short notice. "We did have a bad experience with a friend that was providing us the cars. Basically, they withdrew one of their cars the day before the wedding, due to the weather, which wasn’t ideal."

"I had to ring around vendors to organise a second car the night before my wedding, which was pretty stressful - and expensive."

It's just not fun at all to spend the night before the wedding ringing around suppliers. It's also an unexpected expense. Trying to find a vendor the day before will often not only mean that you have to pay the asking price, and you aren't in a position to negotiate, but often that the suppliers you are calling don't actually have availability for you.

Katherine also had issues with her makeup artist, who she found on Instagram. She had a makeup trial with the makeup artist, but wasn't happy with their work. "I ended up changing this close to the wedding, but luckily I was happy with the final product."

When organising a large event like a wedding, it's natural there will be a few bumps in the road. By having a wedding planner, you're ensuring that someone is on hand to avoid those bumps in the first place, and if any issues do pop up, it's the planner who can look after those dramas, not you!

Click the link below to contact us about planning or coordinating your wedding day or event, and find out how we can make your day a little easier. We want you focussing on yourself and partner on the wedding day - not on any other little issues. Leave them to us, to take care of quietly in the background.

Happy planning!


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