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Brides tell: if I could go back in time... this is what I'd do differently

The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing - however, this is not very helpful if you are a first time bride! We spoke to four different ladies who were married in the last 18 months, for their advice on what they would do differently if they had their wedding day again.

"I would take more time to

enjoy the day..."

Our first bride, Katherine, 36, wishes that she had done more, which she just didn't have the spare time to do, in the lead up to the wedding.

"I would take the time to write the guest list earlier on in the process and really think this through," she says. "I would take more time to enjoy the day and spend it with my guests, because it just went so quickly."

Katherine isn't alone - many brides find that being incredibly busy for months before the wedding, that small tasks often fall by the wayside. And amongst all the stress, it can be really hard to switch off the stress on the wedding day, and be in the moment, as there is still so much to coordinate on the day. If your budget doesn't allow for a wedding planner, consider hiring an on-the-day coordinator, who can do all the running around for you on the day.

"I would get my dress made in the design that I always wanted," she continues. "I would get my husband to organise the wedding cars a lot earlier, and pay a company for hire rather than go through a friend, who ended up letting us down.

I would also ensure I read through the fine print in my contracts and vendor agreements more thoroughly, as I thought the package with my photographer included a photo album, but it didn’t."

With so much going on, and so many different vendors to organise, it can be really easy to become overwhelmed. Brides should consider hiring a wedding planner, who can help them stay organised and on top of the fine print in all of their contracts.

No regrets!

Christelle, 34, is one of the lucky brides who wouldn't change a thing. "What would I change? Nothing, it was as expected," she says. "If I could go back in time, maybe I would just reaffirm to myself and my partner that the 'extras' we were worried about spending money on would definitely be worth it. These were things like the videographer, dance lessons, and event stylist."

With Australian couples spending an average of $32,333* on their weddings in 2019, a wedding is one of the biggest purchases in their lifetime. It can be a tricky balance to find the sweet spot between being frugal and having regrets, and spending too much and suffering from buyers' remorse.

(*Australian Wedding Industry Report 2019, easyweddings.com.au)

"Don't push the friendship!"

Our third bride, Ashley, 36, wasn't so lucky. Her friends offered to help with services she needed, like photography, makeup artistry, and making the wedding cake - with mixed results.

"As much as your friends are great at being a friend, if they offer to do professional services for free or at mates-rates, unless they are an actual professional I would think twice about it," she advises.

A wedding planner deals with vendors frequently, and can let you know if your chosen vendor has a less-than-stellar reputation. If you want to ensure you don't end up with troublesome or disappointing service providers, your wedding planner can recommend highly rated vendors for you. This means that you won't have to cross your friends off the Christmas card list, and that your wedding will be a day you remember fondly!

"Girl... run!"

What's the advice that Danielle, 44, would have for any brides planning a wedding? "Elope!" she laughs. "In all seriousness though, I would say, don’t worry about offending people. It’s you and your partner's day - have the exact wedding you want, not what everyone else wants!"

Sometimes, when everything becomes a bit overwhelming, it's hard to have a clear idea of what you want, and what you're just going along with to keep your parents/work friends/sister/mother-in-law happy. By sitting down with a planner, you'll be able to work out clearly what it is that you hope to get out of the day, and you'll have someone to help you organise your thoughts and feel confident about what you are choosing.

Click the link below to contact us about planning or coordinating your wedding day or event, and find out how we can make your day a little easier. And the only advice you'll be giving yourself, months from now? That you should have contacted us sooner 😉

Happy planning!


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