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DIY Wedding Flowers - is it a good idea?

Flowers made professionally can be really expensive, and it's completely understandable that when trying to plan a wedding, that it would be an easy way to save money by doing a little bit of DIY.

Could the average person create their own floral arrangements for their wedding, and save a bucketload of money in the process? Read on to find out more, and scroll to the bottom for the final result!

Full disclosure

I'm not going to lie, the original idea for this piece was going to be something along the lines of "Look how easy it is to DIY your wedding bouquet and save money!" However, that is really not how it turned out at all. Here are my final results.

Nailed it? Or failed it?

Whilst I do think they look great from some angles in these photos, in reality, I would say the result was... meh. Look, it was okay - it certainly wasn't anywhere close to professional level. For the amount of time, effort and money it took to wake up at 5am, drive to the flower markets, assemble all the flowers and floristry items (like foam), bring them home, strip the flowers, and arrange them, and clean up, I should have just gone to a local florist and purchased something, which would have ended up not that much more expensive, but saved me a LOT of time. I also really underestimated how many flowers I needed, and didn't realise that the taller the vase, the more flowers you would need to have on the underside, as these would be visible. Don't be fooled by some pictures you see on Instagram - this is the same bunch shown at two different angles.

What you see on Instagram.... versus the reality. It's not pretty!

The final verdict

If you are having a really small, at-home event, don't require a super professional finish, and enjoy the creativity of creating something from scratch, then go for it! If you also have some helpers or friends who can work with you, and help you prep your flowers and clean up, this might make it a lot easier. I'd also recommend doing a low, flat arrangement using a smaller, deeper pot, rather than a tall, wide statement vase. However, my final verdict is to leave this one to the professionals. Making your own floral arrangements:

1. Means a very early wake up call the day before your event. Most florists are at the markets buying flowers at 4am, which will usually mean you are waking up earlier than that to drive there, find parking, etc. Is this how you want to spend the day before your event? This could mean you are tired and cranky on the day of your wedding or event.

2. Would require serious thought about transportation. Do you need a van? How will everything be transported to and from the markets, and how will you safely transport them to the venue on the day of the wedding? Is one of your guests going to be spending their morning racing around rather than feeling relaxed?

3. Takes a lot of time. If you don't do this frequently, you are going to be SLOW. To make the two arrangements I did, I woke up at 5.30am and was finished by about 2pm. It was a long chunk out of my day - and probably not how I would want to be spending the day before a wedding. And that was to make two small arrangements - there are a lot of different pieces required for a wedding, including multiple bouquets, table arrangements, buttonholes, pieces for the ceremony - this would take SO LONG to do, even with help.

4. Was not as fun as I thought it would be. Even with music and a bit of company, this just felt like it went on forever. There are some people that LOVE putting these arrangements together - and I thought I would be one of them, but found out I am definitely not. Are you counting on the fact that it will be heaps of fun? You might be surprised, like me, to find out it's not.

5. Is tiring! If you aren't doing these kid of movements frequently, you'll be feeling a little sore the next day from all the standing and moving your arms about. I'm going hazard a guess and say you'll be doing this at the kitchen table or out on the patio - and your workspace is probably not ergonomically designed!

6. Was confusing and I didn't know prices or seasons. If you are on a budget, you might have no idea how much your final pricing will be. This will make it really easy to either go over your intended budget, or not buy enough. Looking at the bunches I walked away with, I thought I would have two enormous arrangements with enough left over to do a few bud vases. But it's really deceptive, looking at the original flowers compared to the final arrangement, how much wastage you have. I also had certain flowers in mind, not realising what effect factors of seasonality, weather, and demand would have on availability. If you have your heart set on particular flowers, this is where a florist can help you understand if they will be in season, if they will be available, and how much you can expect to pay.

Final thoughts

Do your research, look at lots of different florists online to see which ones have a style that you like. If you let your florist know what budget you are working to, they can suggest ways to help you come in on budget, and you can let the experts do what they do best without blowing the bank.

Alternatively, a wedding planner can help organise your flowers for you, in conjunction with a florist. They can give you options of different florists they recommend, based on past experiences and the look you are after. They can also help you stay on budget, and often can help negotiate a better price for you, which will save you money. Why spend the day of your event being stressed about flowers?

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