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Wedding planner myth #2: Wedding planners are super expensive!

We're working our way through a list of wedding planner myths. Second in our series? The myth that wedding planners are very expensive, and only suitable for couples who are flush with cash. You might be thinking that only rich people get wedding planners, or that it's more of a 'celebrity' thing. But wedding planners are actually starting to become pretty common in Australia, particularly among working professionals who don't have the time to devote to planning a wedding, and want to make sure that their special day is one that they will never forget.

The truth is, a wedding planner will be an additional expense to the wedding, and there's no getting around that. If your budget is extremely tight, you simply may not be able to have a wedding planner. However, for couples with an average-sized budget, we would recommend that you think about the value of the wedding planner rather than just the cost.

The expense of a wedding planner can be worth it, when you consider what it is worth to you to avoid mishaps on the day or in the planning process:

  • forgetting essential items

  • overpaying for things you don't need, or being ripped off

  • expensive mistakes from not doing something you didn't realise, or not knowing due to inexperience with weddings

  • having to rush around collecting last minute items on the day of the wedding, or the night before, rather than feeling relaxed

  • running out of time and not having time to research to find vendors who are reliable, punctual, and don't over-charge

Wedding planners will usually offer different packages, to suit a variety of budgets, and generally speaking, the more work they do, the higher the price will be. A great way to keep costs down is to do some of the work yourself, and use a wedding planner to do part of the wedding rather than all of it. Our wedding planning packages start from $1790, and our entry level package includes over 30 hours of assistance.

If your budget doesn't look like it will stretch to allow for a wedding planner, consider saving some money by hiring a day-of wedding coordinator. This service isn't as comprehensive as a wedding planning service, but it does give you peace of mind knowing that someone is there to help reconfirm all your bookings, and help with last minute jobs, as well as run the event for you on the day. Our coordination packages start from as little as $790.

"It's not about spending the most amount of money, or the least amount of money. It's about spending money on the items which are meaningful to you and your partner. This is how you will get 'value' from your wedding day."

It's usually not possible to 'do-over' a once in a lifetime day like your wedding - will the cost of a wedding planner be something you'll invest in to give you peace of mind?

Click the link below to contact us about planning or coordinating your wedding day or event, and find out how we can make your day a little easier.


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